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Terry Pratchett’s “Witches Abroad” plays with the morals and plot line of many common fairy-tales, redirecting the reader to think about potentially different outcomes of these stories that have been so engrained into our minds.  Pratchett’s light tone and spoofing plot keeps the reader interested and upbeat.  Throughout the text, Pratchett plays with many different […]

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Not Glinda the Good Witch, it’s Lilith the Bad Witch

In Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett the character of Lilith is the evil witch and villainess in the story. She has a lot of qualities about her that set her far apart from witches we have read about in the past, such as the White Witch in C.S. Lewis’, The Chronicles of Narnia. First off, […]

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Hey! Wait a Minute….

Just 176 pages into Terry Pratchett’s satirical novel you have already had déjà vu with a few of the situations that have arisen in the story. A pumpkin and Prince Charming? A little girl in a red cape, a sleeping castle and a house that almost crushes a witch? It all sounds a little familiar […]

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Bubble Bubble Troil and Trouble

                                                The magic that the witches use, it much different from that the wizards learn in school and is primarily based off of finding the right hook that allows everything else to work properly. The art of learning witch magic is always taught on a one to one basis with an older witch. Unlike wizards […]

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“I likes ’em”

As readers we’ve got misconceptions Witches haven’t got such bad reflections Sure some ointment makes them smell But they talk to Death- What the Hell? There’s also the concept of second sight Invincibility in the dead of night ‘Cause they already know when they’re going to die Not that they would say good-bye The Witches […]

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Good things come in Small Packages

A valuable lesson learned from Charlie and The Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl is that good things do come in small packages. There is a strong theme that Dahl creates that all that is good in the novel is rather small in size. For example Charlie Bucket, Mr. Wonka, as well as the chocolate. Charlie […]

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So Good Yet, So Bad

Sometimes it feels so good to be bad. But is that what makes a hero? In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it seems that only the characters that exhibit a certain strain of rebellion are the “cool” ones, and those that refuse to do not are either prudish or wet blankets. The first […]

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The Unbreakable Bond of Friendship

                                        Harry has gone through the majority of his life knowing hardly anything about his parents with exception of what the Dursley’s have told him about them.  It isn’t until Harry and Professor Remus Lupin begin their private lessons, that Harry realizes that Lupin and his father James were good friends in school. […]

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Harry Potter and the Determining of his Heroism

The “hero” of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books is unquestionably Harry Potter, but when taking a closer look at what it is that makes him a hero it is hard to define. Is the heroism Harry Potter displays throughout the various books due to events surrounding his birth or is it due to the heroic […]

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Persecution and Humor. Yes Please.

J.K.  Rowling’s the “ Prisoner of Azkaban” is one that makes fun of not just us “muggles” but also the “magic folks” as well. In the first page of the book Harry is writing an essay for class and his subject was  “Witch Burning in the Fourteenth Century Was Completely Pointless- -discuss.” (1) It than […]

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