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Burning Bridges-Easier than Burning Witches

“Witch Burning in the Fourteenth Century Was Completely Pointless—discuss” (Rowling 1). J.K. Rowling is taking a comedic approach to the wizarding world, as she often does, by switching up the stereotypes of witch-human relations. In many respects, we, as “muggles” tend to judge the things that make us unsure. For instance, women were considered witches […]

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“Oh Lord, Make My Enemies Riddikilus”

          In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry goes back to Hogwarts for his third year of school.  Among the many spells and incantations he has learned, two new ones appear.  “Riddikulis” defeats boggarts, shape-shifters who take the form of your greatest fear.  The second is “Expecto patronum”, used to chase away […]

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The Fruit of Knowledge

        Pullman portrayed Lyra’s character to shadow that of Eve who we know from the Bible in Genesis. In Pullmans world of the Genesis, what Eve did when she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge was not sinful, but a spark that unleashed all of the dust of knowledge “And when the woman […]

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Ain’t Nothing Wrong with It, Just Acting Like We’re Animals

The Golden Compass-Defining Daemons        Philip Pullman creates a Secondary World in The Golden Compass that is much like our own except for one specific way.  In the reality, or the Primary World of the reader, humans are believed to have souls within us, invisible and undetectable.  In Pullman’s Secondary World, however, souls are […]

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Power and the Responsibility that Comes with It.

In the novel The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin, Ged/Sparrowhawk performs magic in three instances that are used to summon three different elements of the world, animals, nature and the afterlife. Ged generates a majority of his power through deep thought and strength in his words. However, even though the power is […]

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Would you like some more power? No, I’m not hungry anymore.

               Ursula K. Le Guin creates the protagonist Ged in her Wizard of Earthsea, who is unlike any of the other protagonists we have read about. Ged’s personal growth is not a smooth transition like we are apt to see in fantasy novels, but instead occurs as an abrupt reaction to a pivotal event […]

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Winter Wonderland

    When the Pevensie children first stepped into the fascinating world of Narnia, it was the middle of winter with no hopes of Christmas in site. The Queen cast a spell over the land making it always be winter and never Christmas.  However the hope that Lucy and the others brought into Narnia, allowed Christmas […]

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How to transform a hobbit in 19 chapters or less

Normal hobbits stay at home and are content with their predictable everyday lives. Normal hobbits don’t go on adventures that guarantee danger with strangers. Bilbo Baggins was a normal hobbit, but by the end of The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien Bilbo was anything but normal. When first approached by Gandalf and the dwarfs Bilbo wasn’t […]

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“That’s what we wants now, yes; we wants it!”

In The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkein, Bilbo and the group of dwarves are on a journey across Middle-Earth.  On their way they meet many enemies including trolls, spiders, and elves.  Two of the more memorable individuals they come across are Smaug, the dragon, and the Gollum, the cave creature.  They seem to be similarly evil, […]

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Bilbo Baggins’ Bumby Vagabondage

                                               In the beginning of the novel, Bilbo is described as being “ a homebody” which was not unusual  for any hobbit since they “have no use for adventures” as Bilbo indicated when Gandalf came knocking at his door one spring morning (Tolkien 7). He enjoyed his time at home smoking his long pipe […]

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